Immigration policy needs to be based on something besides empathy--Where is limiting principle?

Washington Post:
‘Where’s Mommy?’: A family fled death threats, only to face separation at the border

As apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border began to rise last year, so, too, did reports of children being taken from parents, advocacy groups and immigration lawyers say. Here’s the ordeal of one such family. How many of Mexican and Central Americans will the US have to place on its welfare rolls before liberals understand that it is not sustainable?  I am sure there are plenty of sob stories for the front page of the Post where editors think Americans should pick up the bill for anyone who shows up.

Lawyer who raised the issue of a deep state plot to ensnare Trump now on Trump's team

NY Times:
Lawyer Who Sees ‘Plot’ by F.B.I. Is Set to Be Hired by Trump
The lawyer, Joseph E. diGenova, has pushed the theory on television that President Trump was framed by F.B.I. and Justice Department officials. DeGenova's claim has merit and it will difficult for the media to ignore his analysis of the plot against teh President.  The coup attempt from deep inside the FBI and some of the Obama leadership of the CIA  need to be brought to justice.  Mueller should admit he has nothing and not assist in their coup attempt.

The deep state tries to change the rules for election

Charles Hurt:
It is the truest form of injustice. Singular evil. Blind hatred.

So they changed the rules. We can pick our president. But then the powerful established bureaucracy must conduct a massive, sprawling, limitless investigation into any and all aspects of the president we pick.

The basis of this “investigation” is an increasingly debunked frame-up designed and drafted by the Kremlin and paid for by President Trump’s political opponent in the presidential election. And then spread to all four corners of the globe by the oldest creatures of the powerful establishment in Washington.

At the height of the presidential election, the administration of the outgoing president of the United States — Mr. Trump’s most powerful political enemy — handed over the controls of America’s spy apparatus to begin moving against Mr. Trump and his campaign.

They exposed people, spied on people and began setting the trap just in case the stupid people of America picked Mr. Trump to be their pre…

Easy answer of the day--Look at Obama's bad Iran deal

Washington Post:
Why does Saudi Arabia want to spend billions to enrich its own uranium?
An interview with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has reawakened fears of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. If there is one it is because of Iran and the lousy deal Obama made with it that put it on the glide path to nuclear weapons.  It was not an intelligent move in dealing with a country that motto appears to be "Death to America."  The Iranians also want to destroy Saudi Arabia too. 

That is one of the reasons why they are supporting the Houthis in Yemen to gain a strategic advantage.  I do not doubt that the genocidal religious bigots who rule Iran will use nuclear weapons against the Saudis and the Israelis and others in the region that how to dominate. 

They would use them against the US too in order to achieve their objectives of imposing their weird religious beliefs on the world.

The question should be why does the media not see the danger posed by allowing genocidal Islam…

Crazed opposition to Trump says President who want to 'Make America Great Again" is out to destroy it

NY Times:
‘You Will Not Destroy America’: A Trump Battle Is No Longer One-Sided The president and former law enforcement and intelligence officials are trading Twitter insults, turning a conflict that would have once stayed private into a public brawl. This is an example of how the left has lost its mine when it comes to President Trump.  They can't conceive of good faith oppositions to their policies and good faith support for alternative policies.  They have become teh sick soldiers of the opposition.

Since this was in response to the IG finding that McCabe essential lied in his discussions about his efforts to push the dirty dossier, It is possible that there may have been a conspiracy to overturn the results of the election and the conspirators fear their own destruction.

At any rate, they have certainly lost their composure.

Threats to the President made by former Obama officials

John Nolte:
Two ominous tweets, one written by former CIA Director John Brennan, the other by former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, openly threaten a sitting president — President Trump. This must be investigated.
Both of these tweets raise enormous questions, not only about what is meant by these threats, but what kind of inside information these former Obama officials might be receiving from unauthorized sources.

Friday night, after the long overdue firing of Andrew McCabe, the disgraced former acting FBI director, the president tweeted to the American people that McCabe’s termination (and possible loss of pension) marks a “great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy.”

Trump added that “James Comey … made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!”

James Comey is disgraced former head of the FBI fired by Trump last year.

Trump’s criticism of Comey is not speculat…

Supreme Court to hear case on California's attack on free speech

Washington Examiner:
The Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear whether California is violating free speech rights by forcing anti-abortion pregnancy centers to post information about the availability of state-funded abortions.

A decision is expected by the end of June and could trigger legal changes in other states, such as similar laws in Hawaii and Illinois. Depending on the outcome, reproductive rights advocates may seek to overturn anti-abortion laws that require doctors to tell women that abortions lead to mental health problems or breast cancer, disclosures that abortion advocates say are false.

The case, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra, also involves a second part of the California law requiring centers to disclose when they don't have medical staff present, and instead provide free products such as diapers and maternity clothes. If the facilities don't comply with the law, commonly known as the FACT Act, they can be fined $500 for a first offens…

Israel makes Gaza tunnel useless

The Israeli military destroyed a Hamas tunnel in southern Gaza on Sunday morning and struck an underground "military complex" in central Gaza, Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said.

According to Conricus, Hamas was trying to reconnect an old tunnel, destroyed in July 2014, to a new section of tunnel in southern Gaza. Conricus added that Israel has been monitoring the digging using new detection technology for the last few weeks.

"What Hamas was trying to do was build kind of a detour -- a new tunnel that would link up with a new part that they thought would be usable," Conricus said.
The tunnel was destroyed from within Israeli territory, but not with explosives. Conricus said that it was filled with a "certain compound" that would render the tunnel useless. The military would not provide further information on what was used to make the tunnel useless.

This marks the fourth Gaza tunnel Israel has destroyed since la…

A Question for Democrats--Who was colluding?

Byron York:
If Mueller didn't charge Flynn and Manafort with collusion, then who was colluding? So far, we have seen no good answer to that question and the search for an answer seems to lead to no one.

McCabe impeached his own credibility

This is what lack of candor means in the FBI.

FBI had significant evidence of McCabe's conduct

In the final days leading up to his termination, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly threatened to “take people down with him” if he was fired.

And despite many in the media running interference for McCabe, reliable sources say the Inspector General Office of Professional Responsibility had “tons of stuff” on him, and it had little to do President Donald Trump and a lot more to do with “power” and “control.”

That’s according to Fox News Senior Correspondent Adam Housley, who reported on Twitter late Friday on the impact of McCabe being fired.

“I am told yesterday McCabe felt the heat and went to try and save his last two days and even told some he would take people down with him if he as fired. So…let’s see what comes of this. I know this…a ton of agents…a ton…were watching this very closely,” Housley tweeted.
Housely said FBI agents are watching “very closely” how McCabe is handled, adding that “this isn’t political, it was about how things were hand…

What the McCabe case exposed

Washington Examiner:
Former assistant FBI director: High-ranking people throughout the government had a plot to protect Hillary Clinton from being indicted I think he is on to something and that is one reason why many of the Obamaites freaked out over the McCabe affair because they may be next.

What will Democrats do when they find that Trump is right about the collusion delusion

Michael Graham:
What if Donald Trump is right? What if there really is no collusion?

In one sense, the question is irrelevant: Paul Manafort is facing serious money-laundering charges that could land him in jail for 305 years; Gen. Mike Flynn's been found out for his shady dealings with Russia and Turkey; and various other Papadopouli have pleaded guilty to actual—if relatively minor—crimes. So Robert Mueller could eventually issue stacks of indictments whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russia or not.


For more than a year now, Democrats in Congress like Adam Schiff and liberal media outlets have promised Americans proof that "Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election using hackers and propaganda," as one far-Left activist put it. Back in October, Ezra Klein at said it's "almost impossible to believe that there wasn't collusion between Trump's operation and Russia."

Even now, two out of three Democrats still be…

Renewable fuel standards caused a misallocation of resources by farmers

Tom Elam:
Starting in 2005, the artificial demand created by the RFS biofuel mandate caused corn and soybean prices to temporarily soar. In response to those temporary high prices, and to meet federal government ethanol targets, farmers converted about 16 million acres of wheat, sorghum and other crops to corn and soybean production. Functioning as a corn production mandate, the RFS has radically transformed the agricultural landscape in America — particularly in the Midwest.

The resulting and systemic overproduction is a key reason why our country now suffers from a corn glut. And as basic economics teach, an oversupply typically results in a reduction in prices.

Actual market demand for corn and soy-based biofuels has never matched up to the ambitious mandate levels set by the federal government back in 2007. Still, crop production is linked to mandate volume, and high production levels are continuing to depress commodity prices. Add cheap corn to increasing costs for other oper…

This story is as racists as saying basketball gyms are full of guys that are too tall and too black

Washington Post:
Is your spin class too young, too thin and too white?

Boutique workout studios are exploding in gentrifying urban areas, with more than 18 million people now claiming membership. But some have begun to question the stark differences between the studios and the neighborhood YMCA. Step into a class, and you'll likely see very few people of color or older or heavier exercisers. I have never been to a "spin class."  I am sure I would be older than other members.  The participants are apparently young women.  I am OK with that.  I am also OK with young black men gathering to play pickup games of basketball.  In both cases, the participants are doing things that make them feel better and enjoying themselves.  I see no reason why race should be an issue in either case.

I also suspect that being thin is one of the objectives of the class.  I see no valid reason to criticize these young women.

Mueller's hiring of Democrat partisans is coming back to haunt him

NY Times:
Trump Attacks Mueller, Calling Inquiry Partisan
While President Trump had largely sought to avoid alienating the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, in recent months, he has shifted his tone in the past two days. Mueller made the mistake of hiring Democrats who are more interested in removing the President by any means possible than in seeking justice.  His original writ was to determine if there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians. 

So far, in the hundred charges he has brought not one charge relates to that original writ.  He has indicted Russians who are unlikely to ever be extradited and a few associates of the Trump campaign for unrelated charges which appear to be an attempt to extort testimony from them or face financial ruin.  This is an abuse of prosecutorial power that delegitimizes his entire effort. 

The honorable thing to do is to close shop and admit he has found nothing about the President.

California's unconstitutional attempt to nullify US immigration law

Rep. Tom McClintock:
The Doctrine of Nullification is the assertion that any state government which doesn’t like a federal law is free to violate it. It began with tariff disputes and formed the central legal argument the Southern Confederacy used in its attempt to tear the federal union apart. It ignores the supremacy clause of the Constitution, the enumerated powers of Congress, and the exclusive jurisdiction given to the courts to adjudicate disputes involving the states.

When South Carolina used it in 1832 to ignore a federal tariff, President Andrew Jackson sent warships to Charleston harbor, threatened to hang the instigators and declared that nullification was “incompatible with the existence of the Union, contradicted expressly by the letter of the Constitution, unauthorized by its spirit, inconsistent with every principle on which it was founded, and destructive of the great object for which it was formed."

Jackson, and later Lincoln, understood how toxic this doctrine i…

The elites in Washington do not understand the President and his success

Newt Gingrich:
Trump (and his success) continues to baffle our country's elites. What's going on?

It seems the elites simply refuse to think about the Trump presidency through any lens other than that of traditional Washington – despite the fact that President Trump has never been a part of (and represents a departure from) the traditional establishment. This confused, square peg-round hole analytical approach is made worse by the fact that the elites then try to use Washington jargon to define and attack the president.

In the minds of the elite, President Trump doesn’t fit the post-World War II international mold that regards the United States as the world’s only real superpower that can afford to prop up all its allies – and even some of its enemies. For that, the elites claim President Trump is an isolationist.

The president doesn’t fit the traditional Republican free-trader mold because he demands that Americans must benefit from trade agreements. Therefore, according t…

Lying about leaks at the FBI started at the top

Jonathon Turley:
Following his termination late Friday night, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe declared that he was “singled out” after “unrelenting” attacks by President Trump and critics. McCabe’s objections are less than credible, given the virtually unprecedented recommendation of career officials to fire the one-time acting FBI director.

However, McCabe may have rectified his “singled out” status with his long statement criticizing his termination: In the middle of it is a line that could be viewed as incriminating fired FBI director James Comey, not just in leaking sensitive information but also in lying to Congress.

McCabe is accused of misleading investigators about allegedly giving information to a former Wall Street Journal reporter about the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family’s charitable foundation. McCabe asserts in his post-firing statement that he not only had authority to “share” that information to the media but did so with the knowledge o…

No one thought to stop traffic on and around bridge with cracks already showing

NY Times:
Crack on Florida Bridge Was Discussed in Meeting Hours Before Collapse

The engineer of the bridge presented the crack to the construction manager and the State Department of Transportation but said there were no safety concerns. Cracks on a slab that is already on the ground are not an emergency.  Cracks on a bridge over a street should be a big deal.  In this case, they were not treated as such.

The Obama administration coup plotters lost their composure after McCabe was fired

Zero Hedge:
Following the 11th hour firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on the recommendation of the DOJ's Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, and the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), for lying under oath and leaking to the press, former Obama administration officials have thrown a temper tantrum.
For starters, Obama's ex-CIA director John Brennan broke out the thesaurus and lashed out at President Trump. "You may scapegoat Andy McCabe," Brennan wrote "but you will not destroy America...America will triumph over you."

As an aside, Brennan - who insisted on being sworn in under Obama on an original draft of the constitution - without the Bill of Rights and all those inconvenient amendments - notably spied on members of Congress, endorsed torture, and ran Obama's covert drone war. Maybe he became so cutthroat while learning Arabic and Middle Eastern studies in Cairo?
Next - Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder - wh…

Comey and McCabe can't keep their stories straight

McCabe authorized subordinates to speak to the media about an ongoing investigation. He was asked about it several times. He lied several times. There is no conspiracy here. It is a run of the mill case of a guy who really didn’t think the rules applied to him.

Now there is an interesting twist, one that pits Mentor (that would be St. James of Comey) against Protege (Lying Andrew McCabe). This is from McCabe’s self-justification that he issued as he was fired.

This comes courtesy of Jerry Dunleavy who works at Judicial Watch. JW has been on the cutting edge of all things FBI for over a year now.

Now let’s flashback to Comey’s public testimony:
It is hardly difficult to read these two statements and not come away feeling that one or the other of these guys lied. These guys should have trouble squaring their testimony.  It makes you want to know what else they have done to mislead in their pursuit of a coup attempt against the President.

Frustrated, angry Democrats threaten political violence

Monica Showalter:
So much for the soft moderate blue wave of Democrats sweeping special elections these days. The real Democrats – the dinosaurs, the elitists, the detesters of deplorables, the Chicago politics-types, and the arrogant – are back, with none more obvious than Eric Holder, who offered this violent language for his political opponents.  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports: "We have to be ready to, you know, not do anything inappropriate, not do anything improper, certainly not do anything unlawful," he said.  "But to the extent that they want to have a fight, let's do it.  You want to rumble, let's rumble.  You want to have a knife fight, we're gonna do it." Nice bloody language you got there, Eric.  Would you like to elaborate?  Will there be rust on the knife, and will it be dull?  Will you sever an artery and draw gushing blood, and will bits of flesh fly and stick to the wall?  Which artery do you want, pal?  Will you leave your victims …

How employers are coping with a tight labor market in the US

What will happen when the U.S. unemployment rate falls below 4 percent, which is expected to occur by this summer? One way to tell is to look at cities where joblessness is already lower than that. Bloomberg News reporters traveled to Iowa, Georgia, and Maine. What they saw there is encouraging. They discovered that employers have found ways to cope with tight labor markets and still make money. Businesses have pulled in workers from the sidelines—including retirees, immigrants, and the homeless—and retooled processes to use less labor. Some have raised pay considerably for certain jobs, but so far there are no signs of an overall wage explosion. That should embolden those at the Federal Reserve who want to raise interest rates slowly to give growth a chance.

From polished sea-salt caramel balls to truffles packaged with hand-tied bows, the treats on sale at Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections in Freeport exude artisanal charm. While that’s a source of pride for owner A…

Goggle tries to suppress conservative videos as 'inappropriate' for young people

Googles assertion would be unsustainable at a fair court hearing.  In fact, it would be seen as absurd.  The reality is that they are just trying to cover for the evils of liberalism by suppressing speech that presents another point of view.  There is absolutely nothing inappropriate for young people in a Prager U video.  Nothing.

Former FBI Agent says Mueller's credibility is on the line as conflicts mount

Kenneth Strange:
It was painful to witness. One of our own — a deputy FBI director no less — was fired barely a day or two away from retirement and a certain pension. And now Andrew McCabe faces possible federal charges for lying to other federal agents, charges that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller knows all too well and is wielding with great effect in the Russian collusion case.

Still, I wonder about Mueller. McCabe, Peter Strzok and James Comey all are public servants who former FBI Director Mueller mentored, supervised or knew well. It has got to be hugely disappointing for Mueller to stand by and watch the people who he managed, who worked for and were loyal to him, and who he was fond of become a part of this train wreck. As a former supervisor, Mueller is accountable for those people he supervised — for the good and the bad. How does he feel about it? We don’t know. He remains mute.

Mueller’s first mistake was in having Strzok as part of his “dream” team of lawyers and in…

More evidence that single payer healthcare is not reliable

NY Times:
In the Land of ‘Brexit,’ Outsourcing Surgeries to France
After years of austerity, Britain’s National Health Service is under enormous strain, so it is paying French doctors to perform some operations on its behalf. I have never understood why anyone supports healthcare socialism.  It is not free or efficient or reliable.  Because they are always scraping by they have not room for innovation and they are free riding on medication produced in the US.

Mueller is abusing DOJ standards

Andrew McCarthy:
These columns have many times observed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s failure to set limits on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. To trigger the appointment of a special counsel, federal regulations require the Justice Department to identify the crimes that warrant investigation and prosecution — crimes that the Justice Department is too conflicted to investigate in the normal course; crimes that become the parameters of the special counsel’s jurisdiction.

Rosenstein, instead, put the cart before the horse: Mueller was invited to conduct a fishing expedition, a boundless quest to hunt for undiscovered crimes, rather than an investigation and prosecution of known crimes.

That deviation, it turns out, is not the half of it. With Rosenstein’s passive approval, Mueller is shredding Justice Department charging policy by alleging earth-shattering crimes, then cutting a sweetheart deal that shields the defendant from liability for those crimes and from…

Businessman with ties to Democrats ensnared in Mueller's investigation of Trump

Washington Post:
Complex portrait of special counsel cooperator emerges in newly unsealed child pornography case

It is unclear if the 1991 felony conviction of Lebanese American businessman George Nader figures into his agreement to assist special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. But the case raises questions about access he had to top Trump White House officials. I suspect the prior conviction makes him less credible as a witness.  He has been a lobbyist for Middle East Arabs for years who also worked with the Obama administration.  It is weird that the Post would omit that and raise questions only about his attempt to lobby the Trump administration.

The Mueller Seychelle gambit to which this witness is tied looks like another dry hole he is exploring.  To the extent he had access, it was probably related to his Middle-East clients and not the Russians.

Victim families want Oakland mayor prosecuted

Red States:
Father Of A Boy Killed By Illegal Immigrants SLAMS Oakland’s Mayor For Warning Illegals Of Impending ICE Raid

You know, it was just disgusting. Her job is to protect the citizens, the American citizens, you know. And for her to take a stand like that, she’s allowing Americans to be murdered. She has blood on her hands because she could have easily just let them go into the jail system and capture those criminals, but she allowed them to come out, and then for people to be murdered and raped and robbed and identity theft; that’s all on her and people like her.
... I think she should be prosecuted.  She should be charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting unlawful flight.

Some 'disabled' workers were probably just looking to extend unemployment benefits during Obama's recession

NY Times:
Disabled Workers’ Return to Work Force Offers Hope
A seemingly inexorable economic trend has changed direction in the past few years, as people who cited health reasons for not working are returning to the labor force. It’s a sign that employment may still have room to grow. It is good news that these people are rejoining the workforce, but it does say something about how the Obama administration was complicit in hiding unemployment.

How does McCabe's firing for misleading investigators undermine Mueller?

NY Times:
McCabe Says His Firing Was Meant to Undermine Mueller
Andrew McCabe, the ex-F.B.I. deputy director, said his dismissal was meant to undermine his credibility as a potential witness in the Russia inquiry led by Robert S. Mueller III. Mueller is doing a good enough job undermining himself without help.  He has wasted a ton of time and money without producing any charges related to his original writ to find evidence of collusion with Russian trolls.  This is just another example of how the leftist in the FBI are looking for a gotcha case against Trump since they lack evidence to support their original thesis.  He was fired because of the finding of an internal investigation not on the orders of Trump.

Grassley and Graham layout the case for further internal investigations of the FBI and those who have left it:

Iran threatens bad behavior if Europe increases sanctions

Any new European sanctions against Iran will have a direct effect on the nuclear deal struck between world powers and Tehran, Iran’s deputy foreign minister said Friday, according to state media.

“In case some European countries are following steps to put non-nuclear sanctions against Iran in order to please the American president, they will be making a big mistake and they will see the direct result of that on the nuclear deal,” Abbas Araqchi said, according to state media.

“It’s better that European countries continue their current action to persuade America to keep its promises in the nuclear deal and for that country to effectively execute the deal in all its parts with good will and in a productive atmosphere.”

Araqchi’s comments were in reaction to a Reuters report that Britain, France and Germany have proposed fresh EU sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missiles and its role in Syria’s war to try to persuade Washington to preserve the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran.

A first person report on the decline of life in San Francisco

Erielle Davidson:

San Francisco Is Suffering From The Excesses Of Its Own Liberalism

The astounding level of mismanagement and general deterioration of public decency will continue to plague the city until reasonable measures are taken to combat vagrancy. A young woman's move to the city is clouded by broken glass from car burglaries dodging feces on the sidewalk and being groped on her way to work.  She gets to pay big bucks for this cultural experience.

It is interesting to see the lack of shame by California politicians who have created this culture.

The media has a short-term memory problem about media hires by Presidents

Joe Concha:
‘Trump TV pipeline’ is a joke, next to Obama’s media hires

There are more than a dozen examples from a media appalled by a president tapping members of the media to serve in important posts in his administration.

Is there precedent for such decision-making in the Oval Office? Of course. But thanks to the bias of omission, the reader or viewer would never know that the prior administration puts this one to shame for the revolving door from media to the White House and State Department.

In the first four years alone in the Obama administration, more than 25 former reporters joined the team by my count. Yup. 25.

Per the Washington Post in 2013, Richard Stengel, Time magazine’s managing editor was the “latest in long line of reporters who jumped to jobs in Obama administration."

Here's more from that 2013 story, where just one paragraph alone shows how far and wide media members got into the tentacles of the Obama State Department.

You'll also recognize more th…

The population bomb theory flubs again

The Population Bomb Has Been Defused

The Earth and humanity will survive as fertility rates fall almost everywhere. There have been many predictions in teh past that were proved wrong.  In the 1970's a biologist predicted we would run out of food.  But the US managed to produce an abundance of food and the only places where there are people starving are artificial famines caused by conflicts and artificial scarcity caused by the food Luddites who oppose GMO's that increase production.

Russian pipeline to Europe would be strategic mistake by the West

Fuel Fix:
A top official with the U.S. State Department says the Trump administration continues to oppose the construction of a pipeline that would increase Russian supplies of natural gas into Europe.

Called Nordstream 2, the project has aroused criticism that it would deepen Europe's dependence on Russian energy supplies, leaving the European Union vulnerable to manipulation by Moscow.

"We view Nordstream 2 as a project that would cement in place for generations the same vulnerability many Central European and Balkan states" experience now," Sandra Oudkirk, deputy assistant secretary for energy diplomacy at the State Department, said Monday during an event at the Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank. "The president has spoken pretty clearly."

That would continue the position of the former Obama administration, which sought to expand U.S. supplies of Liquefied natural gas into Europe as a buffer to Russian influence. Likewise, Trump has discussed inc…

FBI Deputy Director McCabe fired hours before retirement, accused of making misleading statements in internal investigation

Washington Post:
FBI’s McCabe is fired 26 hours before he could retire

Andrew McCabe, who had stepped down from his post as FBI deputy director earlier this year but remained an employee, had been a lightning rod in the political battles surrounding the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe. The firing will likely cost McCabe a significant portion of his retirement benefit. President Trump and others thought McCabe had some responsibility for the failure to charge Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified materials.  To many, it looked like the fix was in with the FBI and DOJ.  There were two primary reasons for that feeling.  First, such a ruling would also reflect on Obama who had to be aware that Clinton was mishandling classified material.  Second, there was political animus by many in the FBI and DOJ against Trump as the candidate for the GOP.

The Russian murder spree in London claims a victim

Sunday Telegraph:
Counter-terror police launch murder investigation after confirming Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov strangled

A fierce critic of Vladimir Putin, who was found dead at his south London home earlier this week, was murdered, police have said, amid fears of a second Russia-sponsored attack on British soil.

Businessman, Nikolai Glushkov, 68, who was granted asylum in the UK after fleeing Moscow in 2006, was strangled to death, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

The former right-hand man of deceased oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, his death came just over a week after Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, were poisoned by a nerve agent in Salisbury.
... The victim was the former head of a Russian airline.  What is the motive for all these attacks on Russian expats?  Does the Russian government fear they have information that could hurt them or do they just want to kill Russians who have left the country?   Does Putin fear that other Russians might be ready to leave with…

The danger of accepting Muslim refugees from the Middle East

Daily Mial:

Betrayed by the 'shy and polite' boy they took into their home: Iraqi asylum seeker, 18, is found guilty of trying to blow up 93 Parsons Green commuters with bomb built with his foster parents' Tupperware while pair were on holiday
Teenage refugee built 'Mother of Satan' bomb at foster home in summer holidaysHe left explosive on packed tube train, but luckily it failed to properly detonateThe 18-year-old was found guilty of attempted murder for trying to kill 93 peopleQuestions surround his past after conflicting claims to immigration and police How can you know whom to trust among unvetted refugees?  There have also been cases of older refugees pretending to be teenagers in order to seek asylum.

Texts suggest an attempt by FBI agents to influence judge in FISA court who was hearing Flynn's plea deal

Sara Carter:
Newly redacted text messages discovered by congressional investigators reveal that an embattled FBI agent at the center of the Russia investigation controversy was close friends with a District of Columbia judge who recused himself from the criminal case over former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, congressional members said, and text documents show.

The never before seen text messages, which were a part of the texts given to Congress by the Department of Justice, show that FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his paramour FBI attorney Lisa Page discussed Strzok’s relationship with U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras, who presided over a Dec. 1, 2017, hearing where former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Strzok was removed from Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office last year after anti-Trump text messages between him and his FBI agent lover were discovered by the DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz. But on …

Russian hacks also took a peek at US civil aviation during 2017 attacks

Russian hackers penetrated the U.S. civilian aviation system early in 2017 as part of the broad assault on the nation’s sensitive infrastructure, according to a consortium designed to protect the industry.
The attack had limited impact and the industry has taken steps to prevent a repeat of the intrusion, according to Jeff Troy, executive director of the Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center, said Friday. Troy wouldn’t elaborate on the nature of the breach and declined to identify specific companies or the affected sector.

“It hit a part of our very broad membership,” Troy said. The intrusion wasn’t something that would directly harm airplanes or airlines, he said. “But I did see that this impacted some companies that are in the aviation sector.”

Troy’s comments confirmed the impact on aviation from a Russian attack that was described more broadly on Thursday by U.S. government officials. The assault was aimed at the electric grid, water processing plants and other…

2 million fewer people relying on food stamps

Daily Caller:
The number of food stamp dependent Americans hit a six-year low in President Donald Trump’s first year in office, reflecting an improving economy and falling unemployment, according to a U.S. Agriculture Department (USDA) report.

An average of 42.2 million Americans participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program in 2017, which is an 11 percent decrease from 2013, when a record number of people used food stamps, according to USDA.

“Federal spending for SNAP totaled $68.0 billion or 4 percent less than in the previous fiscal year,” USDA reported. “This was also 15 percent less than the historical high of $79.9 billion set in FY 2013.”

It’s the fourth year in a row SNAP participation fell. Previously, the number of people on food stamps grew for 12 years. About 13 percent of Americans used food stamps in 2017. That’s well above pre-recession levels.
Thirteen Alabama counties saw food stamp use drop 85 percent between January and May 2017 on…

Brits say Putin likely responsible for attempted murder of spy

NY Times:
‘Overwhelmingly Likely’ That Putin Ordered Poisoning
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson of Britain made the remarks just hours before the police in London said they were treating the death of another Russian expatriate as a murder. I get the impression that several people in Russia supported the hit on the former spy.  Putin is probably among them.  That he is destroying any chance of getting along with the West does not seem to bother him and others in the Kremlin.

Russian cyber attacks show the need to harden energy supplies

NY Times:
Russia Could Have Switched Off U.S. Power, Officials Say
Russian hackers used cyberattacks to gain the foothold they need to manipulate or shut down energy, water and nuclear plants, the Trump administration revealed.U.S. officials and private security firms see the attacks as a signal by Moscow that it could disrupt the West’s critical facilities in the event of a conflict. The US needs to develop a system to disconnect from the internet and use auxiliary energy access to thwart the attacks.  The US also needs an effective counterstrike capability to fry the computers used in the attacks.

Environmentalist change their mind about Renewable fuel standards

Washington Times:
Green groups were among the loudest champions for the federal government’s sweeping ethanol mandate a decade ago, touting it as a near-magic fuel that could help ease a climate crisis.

But the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that boosted ethanol use has fallen out of favor so badly that environmentalists now see themselves on the same side of the debate as Republicans such as Sen. Ted Cruz, arguing that the entire program is deeply flawed and must be completely overhauled.

The intense opposition to the RFS from environmental and conservation groups comes as the White House and congressional leaders work to craft the most serious reforms the program has seen since it was established more than 10 years ago. As Republicans and oil-industry groups bemoan the RFS as a job killer in the oil refining sector, environmentalists say their once-high hopes that ethanol could reduce carbon emissions, preserve land and help fight climate change have been proven wrong.
Mr. O’Mara…

An attempted murder in Britain makes clear that Russia is not a reliable peace partner

Melanie Phillips:
What’s that deafening noise of squawking and screeching and flapping that we can now hear all around us? Why, it’s the West’s chickens finally coming home to roost.

In Britain, a retired Russian spy and his daughter, Sergei and Yulia Skripal, remain critically ill in hospital after being poisoned earlier this month in the quiet cathedral city of Salisbury by a rare, military- grade and deadly nerve agent.

Skripal was a double agent who had worked for British intelligence. The poison used against him reportedly could only have been produced by Russia. Although there’s no conclusive proof of Kremlin involvement, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May told Parliament this week the attack was an “unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the UK.”

In 2006, another former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko, died after being poisoned in a London hotel by a rare, highly radioactive isotope – a murder that a British public inquiry decided was likely ordered by President…

Kick Turkey out of NATO

Michael Rubin:
The core of the U.S.-Turkey relationship has been Turkey’s participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the bedrock security structure upon which the United States and Europe have depended for almost 70 years. As President Trump highlighted during his campaign and in the first months of his presidency, many NATO members only nominally contribute to the organization and few meet their commitments. Historically, Turkey has been different. Turkey has the second-largest army in NATO, and has more men under arms or in the reserves than France, the United Kingdom, and Germany combined.

Alas, after 15 years of Recep Tayyip Erdogan at Turkey’s helm, the Turkish army has changed radically. Almost every officer up to lieutenant colonel arose under the Islamist leader. In addition, Erdogan’s manipulation of promotions with fake plots — Ergenekon, Balyoz, and perhaps even the 2016 abortive coup — allowed him to replace the top brass. Turkey’s top generals today are loyal…

The Renewable Fuels Standards do nothing for consumers and are a sop to the agribusiness lobby

Printus LeBlanc:
The Renewable Fuel Standard is beyond repair; it is time to repeal it. They were meant to solve a problem that no longer exists.  At the time there was a perceived scarcity of fossil fuels.  That perception is no longer valid.  If ethanol has any value it should have to compete in the marketplace.  The current Renewable Fuel Standards are actually an impediment to US national security and energy independence because they force refiners to spend money on something that is no longer needed instead of converting their operations to refine the light crude being produced by shale wells which would virtually eliminate teh need to import oil.

Unemployment could drop below 3 %

U.S. unemployment is primed to fall significantly further and could drop below 3 percent for the first time since 1953, the year central bank chief Jerome Powell was born.

That’s according to economists at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Deutsche Bank AG and Moody’s Analytics Inc. With an already solid economy set to receive a double dose of fiscal stimulus, they argue that a drop in joblessness from its 17-year low of 4.1 percent in February is all but inevitable.

And they say that a break below 3 percent is a distinct possibility -- even with the return of some workers to the labor force -- especially if Federal Reserve Chairman Powell doesn’t do more to slow the economy down.

“We have unemployment at 3.25 percent by the end of 2019,” Jan Hatzius, Goldman’s chief economist, said in an email. “A decline below 3 percent at some point is obviously possible.”

Such a drop would return unemployment to levels not seen in 65 years, when millions of Americans w…

Liberal fascists thinks the answer to losing the debate is to suppress free speech

Washington Examiner:
More than 6 in 10 college students say their campus climate is too hostile for free speech

According to a new poll from Gallup, 61 percent of college students in 2017 felt that a hostile climate on their campus prevents some individuals from expressing their views because others might perceive their views as offensive. This percentage is a significant increase from 2016, where 54 percent of college students surveyed expressed this view.
... Speech suppression is not just on campus.  Silicon Valley is in an all out war with conservative speech.  Twitter is not allowing links to articles it disagrees with.  Google if juggling the algorithms to downgrade searches for conservative posts.  Facebook has committed the sin of becoming boring by trying to suppress conservative content.

The reaction to this may be more regulation to ensure that the right to free speech is not infringed.  The tech guys could find themselves being regulated as common carriers.

As far the c…

Russians launching cyber attacks on US energy companies

Fuel Fix:
Russian government-linked hackers have targeted the U.S. energy industry and other sectors critical to running the economy in a new surge of online attacks since at least March 2016, federal agencies said on Thursday.

The hacking campaign, orchestrated by a seven-year-old group known as Dragonfly, has hit U.S. government entities and domestic companies in the energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation and critical manufacturing sectors, according to an alert the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team put out on Thursday.

"In multiple instances, the threat actors accessed workstations and servers on a corporate network that contained data output from control systems within energy generation facilities," the U.S. CERT said.

Related: As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, energy industry's controls provide an alluring target

The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigations have been studying the attacks, and found that the…

Hillary Clinton has trouble navigating bath in India

Daily Mail:
Now Hillary Clinton fractures her wrist after slipping in an Indian palace BATHTUB in second fall during trip to India She seems to be having a lot of mobility problems going back as far as her campaign.  She should get it checked out.

Obama made background checks less reliable by removing 5,000 fugitives

Daily Caller:
Obama DOJ Forced FBI To Delete 500,000 Fugitives From Background Check Database It looks like the DOJ lawyers under Obama confused themselves into doing nothing with fugitives.

Iran has backed off provocation against US ship

Iranian naval forces appear to have deliberately halted their provocations of U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf in recent months, a U.S. military official said Thursday.

According to Navy Cmdr. William Urban, spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, there have been no “unsafe and unprofessional” actions by Iranian naval forces in the Gulf since August 2017.

Prior to that, Iranian vessels had periodically made high-speed approaches to U.S. ships that were considered dangerous provocations.

Urban declined to speculate on the reason for the change.

“It seems like they’ve absolutely made a conscious decision to give us more space,” he said. “That is definitely a change in their behavior.”
... There is more.

I suspect that Iran came to this conclusion because they see someone not to be trifled with and also as someone looking for an excuse to pull out of the nuke deal.

All is not well in the Golden State

Katy Grimes:
How California Democrats Have Turned The Golden State Into A ‘Sh*thole ...

Despite so-called “progressives” promising their policies will create a Soviet-style worker’s paradise, California’s leftist Democrats have turned the once Golden State into a sh*thole through decades of leftist policies penalizing and demonizing employers, businesses, property owners, innovators, entrepreneurs – and really, anyone who wants to work hard and get ahead. These hard working people are responding by fleeing liberal California for conservative red states.

The perception across America is that California is the state people are leaving. And that perception is accurate.

More than 1,000 people each day are leaving leftist sh*thole blue states and moving to red states. “This migration is changing the economic center of gravity in America—moving it relentlessly to the South and West,” according to economist Stephen Moore. “California is one of the oil- and gas-richest states in the nation,” w…